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What is the use of bellows seal valve?

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    Bellows seal globe valve using bellows seal design, completely eliminating the common valve stem packing seal aging fast leak, not only improve the use of energy efficiency, increase production equipment safety, reduce maintenance costs and frequent maintenance, but also provides a clean and safe working environment. Bellows valves, one because of its simple structure, the two is its price cheap, which makes it so far has little to compete". The only thing that can compete with the diaphragm is what is called a bellows, which is usually called a bellows valve.

    Bellows seal globe valve is widely used in municipal construction, irrigation and water conservancy, thermal power, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, fire protection, food, transportation, medicine and textile and other fields. This corrugated pipe valve due to its high price, despite the advantages of better technology than the diaphragm valve, but it is still difficult to compete with the diaphragm valve, as described in this paper. This type of valve in the pipeline in general should be horizontal.

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