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See how to reflect the valve opening degree

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   Butterfly valve is the use of a rotating disc to control the opening and closing of the pipe line, the size of the angle of the valve opening degree.

According to the transmission mode of different kinds of butterfly valves, pneumatic and electric and other three kinds of commonly used for the manual, the rotating handle through the gear drive to the valve stem from the valve.

Butterfly valve has the advantages of simple structure, rapid opening and closing, small fluid resistance, convenient maintenance, but can not be used for high temperature and high pressure, PN is less than 1.6Mpa,

T is less than 120 degrees of large diameter water, steam,

Air, oil, etc..

Use notes:

1, the valve core can only rotate 90 degrees, the general body will show that the CLOSE and OPEN arrow direction, the hand wheel clockwise rotation is closed, and vice versa;

2, if there is a certain resistance to open and close, you can use a special F wrench open the valve, but can not be forced to open and close, otherwise it will stem the stem gear;

3, prohibit unloading activities with handwheel spanner stem (below the same valve);

4, open and close, and gradually open and close, to observe the abnormal situation, to prevent leakage.