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Common problems of valves and their use of attention

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Valve structure is simple, reliable, and used for the two-way flow of the media, the fluid resistance is small, good sealing, shortcomings: qualitative easy to leak from the valve stem.

Use notes:

A) same as the cock valve;

B) with a handle valve, the handle is perpendicular to the direction of the medium flow for the closed state, and the direction of the same as the open state;

C) if you encounter with a pinch of a ball valve should pay attention to the following:

I. should be the jacket heat preservation steam to open the valve in the easy crystallization of the medium can open and close the valve,

Do not completely melt the media forced open and close the valve;

Ii. when the valve can not open, can not use the method of extended arm, forced open the valve,

Because this will cause the valve stem from the larger and the valve spool off, causing damage to the valve or causing the wrench to damage, resulting in unsafe factors.

Common problem

1, and pipe joints of the flange, thread leak;

2, the stuffing leakage, leakage and valve stem drive tournure;

3, the valve core and valve seat is not tight between the formation of internal leakage.