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ANSI swing check valve

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ANSI Check valve

Application:Industry, Powerstations, Flue gas purification plant, processing technology, gas supply,vapour facilities, recycling facilities, vacuum facilities, hot water, heating technology,district heating, thermal oil applications, general plant manufacturing, etc. (other applications on request)

Medium :Steam, gases, hot water, thermal fluids, hot oil, process water, vacuum facilities, ammonia etc.(other flow media on request)

Materials :WCB, WC6,LCB,SS304,SS316

Size range :2"-24"

Class: 150LB-1500LB

Temperature :≤425 ℃

Fig No. :H3154

Technical specification:

●Design Standard: API6D / BS1868

●Face To Face: ANSI B16.10

●Flange ends: ANSI B16.5

●Test & Inspection: API 598

Features and benefits

● Body and cover: Precision machined castings.

Exclusive: Disc shaft does not penetrate body.

● Body and cover joint: Accurately machined,

fully-enclosed gasket.

● Disc: Robust one-piece construction to withstand the severe shock of check valve service. Hardfaced with 13Cr, CoCr alloy, SS 316, or Monel, ground and lapped to a mirror finish. Sizes NPS 2–6 (DN 50–150) may have solid CA 15 (13Cr) disc. SS?316 disc with CoCr alloy facing also available.

● Disc assembly: Non-rotating disc is fastened securely to disc hanger with a lock nut and cotter pin. Disc hanger is supported on a sturdy disc carrier hinge pin of excellent bearing qualities. All parts are accessible from top for easy servicing.

● Flanges:

ASME Classes 150–300: 1?16” raised face.

ASME Classes 600–1500: 1?4” raised face.

Finish 125–250 AARH for all valves.

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